Photography for Beginners Online Course

Fees:-   ₹1200.00

Craft of photography is an essential skill in the era of internet and social media. most of us have sophisticated digital cameras and Smartphone with state-of-the-art cameras. at Pixelschool, we make sure that you understand the technical aspect of your camera while learning from home. you will be able to capture all the beauty in your surrounding in the most spectacular way.

8 Online sessions 1.5 Hours each

Duration: 2 Weeks / 4 Days a Week (Monday to Thursday)

Course Contents:
  • History $ Evolution of Photography
  • Exposure Controls
  • Light Metering and its usage
  • Creative Vision
  • DSLR Handling
  • Lenses & its Usages
  • Color Management
  • Speed and Long Exposure
  • Depth of Field
  • Understanding Light
  • Perspective
  • Composition
  • Image Retouching

Designed and developed by Soumitra Nath